Immersed in the quiet of the nature and the green hills of Canavese, Villa Morenica is the ideal place both for those ones who wish to rest and unwind in the silence and tranquillity in a rural and not polluted environment and for those ones who wish to use the villa as a base point for going to discover the cultural, gastronomic, artistic and environmental heritage of Canavese.

The morainic hills on which the villa lies provide the ideal playground for fans of mountain biking and road cycling, with routes for all the tastes, from the plain to the slopes of the Alps, all in a ray of 10 km from Villa Morenica, on the roads covered by the Giro d'Italia.

Even those ones who love to relax through long walks, making their base in Villa Morenica, will have at disposal a wide choice of routes, from the trails in the forest, to the tour of the devotional sanctuaries, to the white roads between the vineyards of erbaluce, to the places of the poet Gozzano.

In the centre of the cultural and artistic area of Canavese, Agliè offers testimonials of very high level, such as the little barock jewel of the church of Santa Marta and the magnificent Castle of the Dukes of Savoy, included in the Unesco's List of the World's Heritage. 

Staying at Villa Morenica allows in addition to discover, taste and buy the refined enogastronomic delicacies of the territory. In a ray of 2 kms you can find 5 bakeries that produce the famous torcetto of Agliè, to be accompanied, why not, by a good glass of erbaluce wine or of passito di Caluso, purchasable at the 4 local producers, as well as the canavese rosso wine, ideal for tasting the potatoes' salame or the fresse.

A few hundreds metres from Villa Morenica you can also buy goat cheeses and honeys directly from the producers. 

In the nearby of Villa Morenica there is even a flying-base camp and a horse riding stable, where the fans can horse ride. Villa Morenica is the ideal place also for those ones that want to spend an holiday mixing the visit to the royal Torino with days spent on the ski resorts of the close Aosta Valley or in the nature of Canavese and Gran Paradiso National Park.